Crafting International Strategic Business Parnterships

November 16, 2000

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The George Washington University and National Association of State Development Agencies Present an introductory seminar on: Crafting International Strategic Business Partnerships in Cooperation with COMDEX Fall 2000/Las Vegas and Co-Sponsored by IBM.

In today's business environment, characterized by increasing global reach and local content, forming strategic partnerships is essential for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). This half-day seminar, offered at COMDEX Fall 2000, is designed to offer business and state and local government development representatives an introduction to key issues in crafting domestic and international business partnerships:

Introduction to Strategic Business Partnerships

The Process of Partnership Formation and Management

Small Business Case Studies:

The National Association of State Development Agencies (NASDA) is a private, nonprofit organization with 53 years of experience in economic development. NASDA works with state, local and private development organizations to help them to promote international trade and investment, to implement technology-based economic development strategies and to leverage investment, create jobs and strengthen their economies.

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