TradeBuilders Virtual Trade Missions

TradeBuilders Virtual Trade Missions establish and build business relationships over the Internet, with the help of personal facilitation and a conferencing-software platform. The technology replicates the traditional trade mission process, and can result in business deals at a fraction of the usual cost of developing and conducting international business.

TradeBuilders Virtual Trade Missions™ are designed to create international business opportunities for entrepreneurs who currently import and/or export, or who are import/export ready. A typical TradeBuilders Virtual Trade Mission™ takes place online over a two-month period (often prior to a face-to-face event such as an industry-specific international congress, trade show, or expo).

During a TradeBuilders Virtual Trade Mission™, participants experience a complementary mix of communication media-including virtual meetings, e-mail, and videoconferencing-so that everyone is touched by a medium he or she is comfortable using. Guest experts can also share their expertise, facilitate learning, and add visibility and credibility during the TradeBuilders Virtual Trade Mission™ process.

A TradeBuilders Virtual Trade Mission™ has significant advantages over other business-matching services on the Internet, because it does not match solely on the basis of Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes, or keywords such as "software development" or "legal services." Rather, the TradeBuilders Virtual Trade Mission™ process enables real relationships to be developed, in a compressed period of time. Relationships are developed through a facilitated online forum that builds comfort and trust among participating businesses within a specific industry.

TradeBuilders Virtual Trade Missions™ use technology to help smaller companies that cannot afford to make risky and expensive "fishing trips" to international trade events. TradeBuilders Virtual Trade Missions™ significantly increase the probability of business success, while minimizing the real costs, as well as the opportunity costs, of developing trade deals.

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